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    YE2 high efficiency three phase asynchronous motors


YE2 high efficiency three phase asynchronous eleactice motors meet or exceed GB18613-2012 the minimum Limited values ofenergy eflicency and eanergy efficiancy grades for small and medium three pahse async-hrounous motors, This series of electricmotors have such features as high eficiency , save energy, lower running cost, low noise and vibration,liable running.They areapplied to driving various machines that hawe no special requirements.

This serios of high eficiency electic motors are designed 38O0V,50Htz,JP55, cooling lC411,self fan cooled insulation Class F withClass B tomperature rise, they can constantly run at ambient temperature less than 4o'℃.We also can make custo mizedcustomer-speclic products for various voltages, frequency , inclosure protection,installaticon methods, such as 220V,400V,415v,440V, 66OV volages,BOHz, IP44, IP54, IP65. This sehies of electric mators have such features as high eficiency,save energy , lowerfunning cost,low noise and vibration, liable running. They are applied to driving various machines that have no special requirements.

We would like to work together with our clients to save energy, reduce emissions and create green society .



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