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The motor is gradually developing towards energy saving Time:2021-06-28 14:28:01   |   Browse:11749

The development of China's power industry is in good shape, which makes the market demand for motors grow steadily for a considerable period of time. In recent years, China's power construction is developing at an extraordinary speed, and the production and sales of small and medium-sized motors in the industry have increased significantly. China is Asia's largest power consumer, and it is also the developing country with the most serious power shortage. The motor is a veritable power consumer, and more than 60% of the electricity is used to drive its operation. In the context of energy conservation and emission reduction in the 12th Five-Year Plan, improving motor efficiency is undoubtedly the primary problem to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction targets. Energy-saving motor equipment adopts new design concepts, new processes and new materials to improve the output rate by reducing the loss of electromagnetic energy, thermal energy and mechanical energy. Compared with standard electromechanical equipment, the energy-saving effect of using energy-saving electromechanical equipment is very obvious, usually can be increased by about 4%, and the market prospect of energy-saving motor is promising.

In recent years, energy-saving electromechanical equipment has been in a lukewarm state. However, with the promotion of low-carbon, energy-saving and emission-reduction policies in China and the world, the promotion and application of energy-saving electromechanical equipment will surely make substantial progress.

Mechanical industry analysts believe that at present, China's motor products are numerous, but the efficiency is not high. The motor system is inefficient and long-term inefficient operation. Some users of motor systems lack understanding of the economic benefits brought by the motor system, or have obstacles to the technical problems of energy-saving retrofit of the motor system. The electromechanical industry must strengthen the research and development and innovation of energy-saving technologies to make it truly play its foundation. The role of industry has driven the sustained and healthy development of the national economy. It is estimated that in the next few years, energy-saving electrical equipment will account for more than 60% of the newly added small and medium-sized mechanical and electrical equipment in China, and the market scale of energy-saving mechanical and electrical equipment will reach 50 billion.



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