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    YBX3 saries flamproof motors


YB3 saries of three phase fiame prof asynchronous molors are new generation products with high efficiency to replace YB2 series,promoted by state govemment.They have features as high efficiency.low noise and vbration, smooth and reliable operation, beautfulappearance, are widely used in petroleum and chemical industry , coal and carbon industry.

This series have fiame proof pertomance in accordance to GB3836.1Explosive Atmosphere Electrical Apparatus , Part 1,GeneralRequirements and GE3836,2 Explosive Atmosphere Electical Apparatus Part 2,Apparatus with Flameproof Type "d' Enclosure,Mechanical performance of the products are in accordance with JB/T7565.1-2011 Specification of three-phase flameproofasynchronous motor -Part 1:Series YB3 flameproof three-phase asynchronous motor(Frame size 63 to 355).

YB3 series of three phase flame proof asynchronous motors are diesigned 380V,660v,380/660v,660V/1140V, rated frequency5OHz, IP55,.cooling lC41 1, insulation Class F with Class B temperature rise, applicable to underground coal mine (non-miningface) and the factories containing explosive gas mixtuer specified in the above standards for the operation site eletric drive.

We also can make customized products for vanious voltages,frequency, and installation methods, such as 220V,440V , frequency6OHz.We also provide our client faultless service.



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